From Cancer to calling: building a better body part


Sometimes in life, the universe gives you a preview of things to come. Of course you never recognize it at the time it’s happening.  My foreshadowing event occurred in 1991 during my senior year of high school.  In order to graduate the school I attended, during your senior year, you are required to complete a physical research project, write a paper, and give a 20 minute presentation to a panel of experts in that field.  For my capstone I chose to design and fabricate a robotic arm that mimicked a human arm in form and function using a Waldo system and a primitive myo electric process.  Today that doesn’t hold the same level of difficulty that it did then with the availability of arduino and microprocessors.  Back then you would cobble something together from the inventory of your local radio shack. It generally started with a couple 555 chips and a some darlington transistors on a bread board. And after letting the smoke out once or twice, if you were lucky,  you’d get motion. It was very primitive back then.

Little did I know that 30 years later, I’d be revisiting that same project, but this time with a more personal connection.

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