Make the step from mediocre to professional looking joinery

Discover the secrets to transitioning from mediocre to expert-level joinery in this comprehensive session. Learn everything from the essential techniques to accurately mark out your materials, all the way to achieving a flawless final fit for your projects.

Jacob will guide you through each step of the process, ensuring that you gain a deep understanding of the principles behind professional joinery.  By the end of the session, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to tackle any joinery project with precision and finesse. Whether you’re a beginner looking to expand your skill set or a seasoned woodworker aiming to refine your techniques, this demo is the perfect opportunity to take your joinery skills to the next level

Leatherwork it’s Riveting! Rivet setting assembly.

Alex returns for a third year and shall be showing the pitfalls to avoid when working with Leather. Looking at making holes, setting rivets and installing press studs, showing how you can use the skills you already have to create something in leather. Bring your questions to be answered on stage

Scrap Wood Competition Results

Join us as we announce the winners of the scrap wood competition and see who takes home the coveted Best in Show accolade and top prize!  With thanks to our sponsors Lumberjack, Axminster Tools and Easy Wood Tools.

please book your place for this workshop at the show