Laser Engraving Gifts

Make your own robot night light with Dean from Laser Engraving Gifts, this unique item can be assembled at the show! There will be incredible giveaways including a huge hamper available to be won in a competition called Dean’s World! Plus, 3 lucky winners will leave with exclusive Makers Central signs. Visit stand F37 to […]

FX artist/Sculptor 

 Lorecraft is best known for his sculpture recreations of Vecna, Pennywise, Jeff the Killer, Wun Wun, Kreacher, Dobby, Baby Jabba, Snoke, The Clicker, Groot, and others. Nicholas sculpts traditionally by hand in various clays, moulds, and casts and paints in FX silicones. You can see him and some of his work at the show, head to […]

Hacky Racers

Hacky Racers is a DIY electric racing series that aims to get people interested in both racing and building their own racers. You have a £500 budget, excluding safety related components, to build something as small, daft, and fast as possible! With an emphasis on reusing parts wherever possible as well as requiring racers have […]

3D Scanning with Revopoint

Jim Overton (Jimson’s Stuff) and Neil Collins (Artisans of Vaul) will be demonstrating Revopoint’s latest 3D scanners and what they can do. They will be scanning some of your favourite YouTubers and there will be an opportunity to get a 3D scan yourself and your friends. You can even take away your 3D scans for […]


Mickelmakes3d is 34 from Telford & a Self professed nerd that enjoys recreating movie suits and props utilising 3D printing, casting & vacuum forming. He runs mickelmakes3d which provides all manner of props & cosplay to the wider community. See him at Makers Central as Blue Beetle from the DC comic universe, we can’t wait!

Staffordshire Ghostbusters

Are a cosplay group that uses Ghostbusters as a platform to raise money for charity and to spread joy and positivity amongst the masses. They formed in 2019 because of their mutual love of Ghostbusters and have been a part of many events over the years, including Makers Central. Make sure you check out their […]

Max the Mandalorian

Max has been making and wearing cosplays since 2021. His love for Star Wars and other sci-fi shows has always been great, so the opportunity to become his favourite character was a no brainer. Using 3D printing, foam modelling and more, he has been able to create cosplays of some of his favourite characters, including […]

Sammie Cosplays

Sammie has been designing and creating cosplays since 2021.  She uses foam modelling, 3D printing, latex and sewing to create her cosplays. Cosplaying is such a great way to embrace her creative side, show her love for various media and meet other fellow makers. Plus getting to wear armour is pretty cool! Catch her walking […]

UK Droidbuilders 

The UK Droidbuilders have been building droids from the Star Wars universe for over 20 years now, using whatever materials they can get a hold of. It’s a great way to learn new skills, and get an awesome droid at the end of it. The club is there to help people of different skill levels to […]

Make with Makers

This is your chance to get stuck in at Makers Central, not just watching but having a go and making things you can actually take home with you! Head to the stand on arrival at the show to find out more… Puppet Making with Lucas – come along and make your very own customised puppet. […]

please book your place for this workshop at the show