Postponement - FAQs

Firstly, we would like to say a big thank you to everyone for your kind messages following our announcement of a postponement. We have been completely humbled by the level of love and support for our show. With a community like you all, we are confident that the show will survive the current situation and cannot fail to be a success moving forwards. These are trying times for everyone and we hope you all manage to weather the storm. Thank you all! We hope you all stay safe and healthy!

Secondly, we have received quite a few queries and questions on both our social media and by email. We felt the easiest way to answer all of them was to put them all in one place so hopefully you can all find the answers you are looking for. Of course, if the answer isn’t here, please do not hesitate to contact us on and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.


I have tickets for the show in May, will they still be valid for August or even 2021?

The simple answer is yes! Your May dated ticket will still be valid for August. If you can’t make August, and therefore, your ticket is not scanned at the show, it will still be valid for the show in 2021. You don’t need to do anything, just bring the ticket with you when you can make it. Our tickets contain a QR code. Once that QR code has been scanned, the ticket will be rendered invalid. As long as it hasn’t been scanned, you’re good to go.


I have a stand booked for the show in May. I still want to come in August. Will anything change?

No. The NEC have confirmed we will be in the same hall, Hall 9, in August. If you have already booked a stand/space and can make it in August, you don’t need to do anything and your chosen stand is safe.


I have a stand booked and have received an invoice for my final payment, due 31.03.2020, what should I do?

In light of the current situation and due to the postponement of the show, we no longer expect final payments to be received by 31.03.2020. Payments for these invoices should now be made in full by 30.06.2020 please. If you have any further questions regarding this, please email


I can’t make August and am unsure about 2021. Can I have a refund?

Due to the nature of our show, most monies paid to Makers Central go straight back out of the door to fund the show. If you are really unable to make either August or 2021, we can refund tickets, but unfortunately, these cannot be actioned until after the show in August.


I already have my accommodation booked; can I amend my booking?

This is entirely down to your hotel or booking company. However, we were booked in to the Hilton and they are offering to move or cancel bookings without charge, even if your booking states no cancellation. We have heard Holiday Inn are doing the same as are Due to the scale of the situation, we believe most places will follow the same or similar routes, but you would need to speak to them directly to confirm.


Can Makers Central set something up where people who have tickets and can’t make the show can sell their tickets on?

We have no problem with people reselling their tickets if they are unable to make the show. We are unable to set a system up to allow people to do this via us unfortunately as we just don’t have the time to manage it. However, names are not checked on the door and if someone has a valid ticket, they will be granted access to the show in August. If you resell your ticket, just forward the email containing your ticket to the person who purchases it from you and they will be able to use it with no issue.


The ABI have stated that insurance companies will help businesses who have cover but not for pandemics. Is this something worth looking into?

We are speaking to our insurance company on a regular basis at the moment and will definitely be asking the question. Thanks for letting us know!


I can’t make August and am unsure about 2021 but am still willing to buy a ticket to help the show keep going, will this help?

Thank you to the people who have offered this. At the moment, we have received minimal request for refunds and if this continues, we should be ok. We understand that many people will be suffering financially at the moment and couldn’t expect people to support us in this way, however, these offers are incredibly generous so thank you!


Can I buy tickets or book stands for August or 2021 now?

Yes, you can buy tickets for August now! Our website has been updated and tickets and stand spaces are available to purchase. Just head to the ‘Buy Tickets’ or ‘Exhibitors’ pages of our website. Tickets for 2021 will not be released until the August show has gone ahead.


If I buy tickets for August and the situation hasn’t improved by then, what will happen?

We are hoping with all our hearts the situation will be such that there will be no problem with the August dates. If anything were to happen, we would follow the same process that we are now and tickets would be transferable to a further postponed date or 2021.


Have you considered setting up a Go Fund Me page?

We have had a couple of people suggest this to us who have offered donations to support us through this period. It is something we have considered, but during times like this, we understand everyone will feel the pinch financially and we just couldn’t ask people to do this at the moment. As long as the phenomenal support we have received so far, with people accepting the new date and not requesting refunds continues, we should make it through. If things change, we may reconsider, but for now, thank you for the idea and your generosity.


Is there anything else I can do to support the Makers Central show?

You may or may not be aware that we have a Makers Central Membership (MCM). This costs just £3.50 per month and allows you access to the Members Area of our website. This area contains exclusive content and discounts from lots of companies. It also entitles you to early access to the show. You will receive a welcome pack containing your MCM card which can be used in lots of places for discounts. We are in the process of getting the welcome packs ready for all of those who have already signed up and these will be sent out over the coming weeks.


Some people have expressed concern as, in our announcement, we mentioned there are 3 of us in the team and later on this changed to 2. Are we all ok?

Don’t worry!! None of us here are unwell, it’s simply that 2 of us are office based and the other is out and about! We are taking all precautions to ensure we remain safe and well.

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