Makers Central have been working hard gathering Makers from all over the world to come to the next show. Some of these makers will be performing live just for you!  

But keep checking back as more makers get added every day!!

Colin Furze
Colin Furze

Colin Furze

7.1 Million Subscribers

Yes! Colin Furze will be attending Makers Central 2019... This guy is just awesome to watch , with a staggering 6.3 Million followers Colin Furze is already a huge YouTube sensation. Colin will be on stage both days and bringing along some of his cool inventions for you to look at. Don't miss the chance to meet Colin personally. Get your tickets now !

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I Like to Make Stuff
I Like to Make Stuff

I Like to Make Stuff

2.3 Million Subscribers

Whether it’s music, websites, software, furniture, vintage scooters or motorcycles—you name it. He is the father of two three four, husband of one and loves his life completely! He recently left the software industry to make stuff for a living and started I Like To Make Stuff.

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Bobby Duke Arts
Bobby Duke Arts

Bobby Duke Arts

2.3 Million Subscribers

Bobby will be returning for Makers Central 2019 . This guy is a very talented artist and maker. His YouTube channel has recently just exploded hitting over 1.5 million subscribers. Bobby makes some really crazy cool things on his YouTube channel so we urge you to go and check him out. Bobby will be at Makers Central for the whole weekend so come and say hi.

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Jimmy Diresta
Jimmy Diresta

Jimmy Diresta

1.5 Million Subscribers

Jimmy will be returning to the UK for Makers Central 2019. Jimmy is an awesome maker and great to watch. We are excited to see Jimmy back at the show and i'm sure you are too. Jimmy will also be doing another demonstration for you all. Check out his channel here.

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Ben Uyeda / Homemade Modern Ben Uyeda / Homemade Modern

Ben Uyeda / Homemade Modern

Ben unfortunately couldn't make it to the show this year, due to a large project hes been working on. However we have spoken with him and hes confirmed he will not be missing this next show and will be attending #MC2019. Ben has been working really hard pushing out some amazing content on his channel with nearly 1 Million followers. we urge you to check this guy out.

Black Beard Projects Black Beard Projects

Black Beard Projects

"Welcome to Black Beard Projects! On my channel, you’ll see all kinds of DIY projects. I have been doing stuff for years and now I want to share this passion with you." From knife making to metal casting, blacksmithing and restorations, Black beard Projects is the home of all things metal. Not only that, but the variety of projects to see here is huge! Custom tools, accessories, weapons and props are just a few awesome projects. Be sure to check them out, and see him at Makers Central 2019!

Giaco Whatever Giaco Whatever

Giaco Whatever

Giaco is from Italy and considers himself a film and things maker. He combines his passion for film making and things making in one easy to consume YouTube channel with the main intent to entertain and inspire people. Giacomo makes some really amazing videos, we love this channel.

Get Hands Dirty Get Hands Dirty

Get Hands Dirty

Cristianas channel is all about inspiring you to build stuff with your own hands! Cristiana makes pretty much everything and loves developing her work on lots of different medias and processes. Check out her channel here!

Nick Zammeti Nick Zammeti

Nick Zammeti

Nick is the host and creator of Makers Central, his love for making led him to want to put on a show like no one has seen before. As an artist and woodturner he just loves to create unique things. He mainly creates items out of wood but recently started using resin in his projects. Nick finds woodturning extremely therapeutic and creating something out of nothing is very satisfying. He has no idea how most of his creations are going to turn out and that's what he loves about turning. Check out Nicks channel for some funky cool projects.

Carl Jacobson Carl Jacobson

Carl Jacobson

Carl the Woodturning legend as he known to many provides woodturning plans, projects and ideas for beginners to advanced. Taking you through the entire process of preparing wood to be mounted to the lathe, sanding and finishing of the final project. Also a few ideas for finding wood for new projects. Come and check his channel out, you won't be disappointed.

Paul Jackman Paul Jackman

Paul Jackman

Paul Jackman will be attending Makers Central in 2019. Paul makes some really cool stuff on his YouTube Channel and with over 170k followers hes defiantly one to watch. Go check him out.

Matt Cremona Matt Cremona

Matt Cremona

Matt turns trees into fine furniture. He harvests the materials himself – dead standing timber in forests, trees removed from yards and felled trees during storms. He is fascinated by all aspects of woodworking and tries to share that with others. Click on his link to check him out

Ijessup Ijessup


Jessie is the sister of Ben Uyeda from Homemade Modern. Jessie also has her own channel , IJESSUP and she creates some really funky looking things on her channel. Go check out Jessie’s channel to see some of the things she makes.

Charlie the Maker Charlie the Maker

Charlie the Maker

Now 13 years of age Charlie is the youngest of our makers who will be at the event. After watching his dad (Nick Zammeti) at work in his shed, Charlie became interested in making stuff, leading him to launch his own YouTube channel. Check out Charlies channel and go on give him a sub!

Alexandra Climent Alexandra Climent

Alexandra Climent

Alexandra Climent was first exposed to the beauty of certain species of exotic wood while in the jungles of Central and South America. It was born out of her fervent belief that showcasing such magnificent species of wood is contingent solely upon responsible and sustainable sourcing. Alexandra will be flying in from New York to be at Makers Central. Don't miss this Maker!

Yuval Lahav Yuval Lahav

Yuval Lahav

Yuval posts mainly woodturning videos on his YouTube channel but expect the unexpected, since he’s been known to dabble in Metal and Fabrics and many other forms of crafting, as needs arises. Everything he does, by definition, is on a hobby level, as his principal mode of learning is YouTube and my own experience. Yuval is a really great guy and we would recommend you check him out.

Diesineveryfilmcustoms Diesineveryfilmcustoms


Onur Caglar is a former soldier but now just loves to make stuff, He’s a self-taught maker and is mainly into his knife and blade making . Onur makes some really cool knifes & blades, go check out his channel for some great making videos.

Jimson's Stuff Jimson's Stuff

Jimson's Stuff

Jim lives on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire in the UK. He makes and creates things, mainly out of wood. He does a lot of Woodturning but also does wood carving, cold casting, knife making and leatherwork. Jim is also known for his Milliput art, you have to check out this channel. You won’t be disappointed.

The Blind WoodTurner The Blind WoodTurner

The Blind WoodTurner

Chris Fisher started out in life as a regular guy until he lost his sight in a matter of weeks. Although a life altering change to come to terms with, Chris refused to give up and, after four years, decided to take up woodturning so that he could make himself a vampire stake! Chris' mission is to exceed the expectations of what others perceive disabled people are able to accomplish, and to show that having a disability isn’t the end. Today, Chris travels around the country speaking and giving public woodturning demonstrations to inspire people, no matter what their circumstances, to achieve their full potential. Find out more about the Blind Woodturner on his YouTube channel.

Templeboy Turnings Templeboy Turnings

Templeboy Turnings

Steve Twydell is from County Sligo in Ireland and has been woodworking 3 years now. Steve set up his channel as a place where he could share his passion and creativity. Steve is also the founder of the charity Makers Make It Matter where makers can work together using their amazing creative minds and skills to help others. Checkout Steve’s channel for more info

The Poultry People The Poultry People

The Poultry People

Bongo is a bit of a mad man. He spends his time woodworking , metal working and resin casting. He loves transforming old furniture into cool, jazzy looking furniture. Bongo is a big animal lover, and they can feature on his YouTube channel fairly often helping out around the workshop....or just fighting with each other. Check out Bongos channel for some really funky cool looking projects.

JP Woodwork JP Woodwork

JP Woodwork

Jamie is the scroll saw master, he loves any kind of woodworking and just loves the maker community. Jamie is a co-host for the Makers International Podcast which air’s every Sunday on YouTube around 21:30. We recommend checking out Jamie’s channel.

Turning Works Turning Works

Turning Works

David from Turning Works makes a variety of products out of wood mostly using his Record Power CL4 lathe. His work includes making bowls, vases and pendants. Dave is a lovable character and just loves to make. Check out his channel for more info.

Laura Kampf Laura Kampf

Laura Kampf

Laura Kampf is a self-employed Artist/Designer/Maker and Content Creator. She is deeply passionate about her Workshop, developing her Skillset and Making Stuff. I am fascinated by the development of an idea to a finished object, to capture my love for the process i started making videos about it. Laura has some reaslly cool stuff on her channel, we urge you to check her out.

Average Joe's Joinery Average Joe's Joinery

Average Joe's Joinery

Joe has been woodworking for around 4-5 years now. He started woodworking because he always found himself wanting something that didn't exist, so he made it himself. Ever since his first project - a computer desk – he’s had the woodworking bug and has never looked back. So come on all you average Joes and check out his channel.

TheCraftMaiden TheCraftMaiden


Moa is from Sweden and will be at Makers Central. Check out her channel here and come and find her at the show

Chris Cute Chris Cute

Chris Cute

Chris started woodworking as a kid and since retiring from broadcasting he now focuses on woodwork for fun, relaxation and whatever his wife says needs to be done. Chris is also a co-host of Makers International Podcast which air’s live every Sunday with a new Maker. Check out Chris Cutes channel here for more info on Chris and the Podcast.

ManCraftingTM ManCraftingTM


Chad is a co-owner of and he’s been in the industry since 1992. He is also an ACE, Associate Certified Entomologist and has been teaching people how to do Pest Control for 24 years. He loves sharing what he learns with everyone. He loves taking things that appear difficult and making them simple. He loves figuring things out and sharing what he has learned. More than anything he loves being creative, mostly because he finds that the most challenging. Check out Chads channel here

Atelier Cabinet Makers Atelier Cabinet Makers

Atelier Cabinet Makers

Jamie & Rhiannon are a young couple that specialise in designing and building bespoke handmade kitchens and furniture. Everything they make is hand crafted from rustic farm building, which sits within the peaceful Somerset and Dorset border. On their channel they hope to inspire people with different design ideas and projects to help you improve your home and get creative. Check out their YouTube Channel here

Make it with Dad Make it with Dad

Make it with Dad

Make it with Dads goal is to create something new each week and involve his 4 children in the planning and creation as a way to inspire creativity in his children. They work with electronics, wood, metal, anything they can dream up. Make it with dad is a cool channel, go check it out!

BrainFizz (Richard Morley) BrainFizz (Richard Morley)

BrainFizz (Richard Morley)

Richard is a keen maker and loves to make anything . He loves showing techniques that are not just cost effective but also fun , interesting and achievable. Richard is a co-host of makers International Podcast, which airs every Sunday at 21:30 on YouTube. Check out his channel here.

Moonshine Metal Works Moonshine Metal Works

Moonshine Metal Works

Steve is a Blacksmith based in the old south west of England. Steve learnt the arts of blacksmithing many years ago and is now setting up his own forge. Come and check out his Facebook page, you will be amazed.



Karol Kolanowski is a DIYer in the UK. Karol makes things out of wood, plastic, metal and other materials available that are cheap or free! Karol is a lovely guy and he just love to make. Check out his channel here.

Sawblade Projects Sawblade Projects

Sawblade Projects

Frank comes from Slovenia and can’t wait to get to makers central next may. Franks is a great guy and has a deep routed passion for woodworking and making anything really. Check out his channel here.

Works by Solo Works by Solo

Works by Solo

Bernie is an Artist, Designer, and Maker of things. He will be attending Makers Central 2019. Come and check out his channel

 Stephen's 8x6 Workshop  Stephen's 8x6 Workshop

Stephen's 8x6 Workshop

Welcome to the 8x6 Workshop. In just a 48sq foot workspace I build, create or craft whatever takes my fancy. I film and post only the interesting projects and you are welcome to come on in and take a look.

Badger Workshop Badger Workshop

Badger Workshop

Matt from Badger Workshop loves making things from all sorts of materials. His YouTube channel can teach you how to make things from wood, leather and metal. He also shows DIY tips & ideas. Click on the link to see his videos.

Al's Hack Shack Al's Hack Shack

Al's Hack Shack

Come and check out Al's Hack Shack and join him having fun while making things. Al will be at Makers Central next may 2019, so come and find him. In the meantime why not check out his channel.

Susan Gardener Susan Gardener

Susan Gardener

Susan makes stuff, she makes Music, Guitars, tools, anything that takes her fancy really. She has a soft spot for classic synthesisers and drum machines. DIY with a strong element of music, maths and science. Check out her channel here.

BillSin Workshop BillSin Workshop

BillSin Workshop

Bills a maker, photographer and filmmaker based in Munich. He loves to work with reclaimed materials, such as wood or metal and other old stuff, like old film cameras. He also makes stuff with new lumber or steel. Follow his journey learning to work with different materials. Check out his channel here.

Theshadesworkshop Theshadesworkshop


The Shades Workshop is from Ireland, Brendan makes things from recycled and cycled stuff and loves all DIY projects. Check out his Facebook page here.

Matt Estlea Matt Estlea

Matt Estlea

Matt is a furniture maker based in the UK. He also works at Axminster Tools & Machinery part time. He uses a blend of power and hand tools in his work and loves to share his experience with everyone. This could be in the form of long projects, techniques, tricks and product reviews to help extract your best woodworking potential. Check out his channel.

Sean Evelegh Sean Evelegh

Sean Evelegh

Sean is a 17 year old woodworker from the UK and just loves to make. The pieces Sean makes are just amazing and he loves to entertain and inspire more people to get into making. Please pop on over and checkout his channel, you wont be disappointed.

John Clothier John Clothier

John Clothier

John is a woodworker and woodturner. He has a passion for making things and loves entertaining people of his YouTube channel. Come and check him out.

Paige Peocock Paige Peocock

Paige Peocock

Paige is is a 12 year old maker form the UK. please check out some of her creations here

WH Creations WH Creations

WH Creations

Will has been woodworking since he was 16. His brother had all the DeWalt tools, and he used them. He spent 6 months in Australia where he lived with his brother in a remote part of Queensland. Will wants to share his knowledge and skills with other people so please go check out his channel for more info on Will.

JMakes JMakes


Jay is a 19-year-old maker from Manchester. He’s passionate about experimenting with new techniques and textures as well as challenging peoples perceptions about objects. Check out the weekly videos he produces here!

Sam Fowler Sam Fowler

Sam Fowler

Sam creates content mainly based around horseshoeing and business advice for small companies. He also makes projects from metal working and wood working, to restorations and stupidity!! He also has plans to get his kids involved as much as possible, to encourage others to get there kids into making!

Peter Millard Peter Millard

Peter Millard

Peter is a carpenter and cabinetmaker in London, UK. His YouTube channel is a year-long experiment - a video a week (more or less) for a year so far. Peter shows how-to guides, quick tips and occasional tool reviews. Check out his channel here

Gosforth Handyman Gosforth Handyman

Gosforth Handyman

Andy Mac runs a busy little joinery business in Newcastle, UK. He also runs the Gosforth Handyman YouTube channel and is one half of the Measuring Up Podcast, the UK's first commercial joinery podcast. Andy's YouTube channel is all about providing some light entertainment for all the hard working makers out there!

Wayne The Woodturner Wayne The Woodturner

Wayne The Woodturner

Wayne lives in Dumfries, South West Scotland and has been turning for 32 years. He has tried his hand at all types of turning and now tries different colouring and texturing techniques. Wayne enjoys passing on information and on his channel he explains the process of the project he is doing. He is available for demonstrations and tuition.

Tinkerneering Tinkerneering


Tinkerers think they have a little bit of skill on lots of subjects, Engineers take their knowledge and apply it to make things. Tinkerneering is the same, applying little bits of skill and knowledge to create things on lots of different subjects.

Lee Stoffer Lee Stoffer

Lee Stoffer

Lee is a green woodworker specialising in spoon carving but making a range of products from freshly harvested British hardwood. Lee will be demoing his carving skills at Makers Central on stage and at his own stand throughout the weekend. Come and check this guy out!

The Carpenters Daughter The Carpenters Daughter

The Carpenters Daughter

Vikkie is all for Girl Power! Shes currently renovating her first home while my fiance is at work and there's a LOT to do and with the help of her carpenter who is a phone call away, you'll find her taking a stab at DIY because shes loves a challenge. You can meet Vikkie at Makers Central but in the meantime why not check out her channel here.

Scott Grove Scott Grove

Scott Grove

Scott is a teacher, professional woodworker, sculptor and retired clown; his channel is fun, exciting, and power packed with tips, tricks and interviews. He’s won a ton of awards over the years—even the holy grail—The Veneer Tech Challenge Award, four times. That’s four times! His work is in museums and prominent collections, his creative genius and technical expertise shines through everything he does. In 2019, he’ll teach you how to succeed as an artist, share his life story, and show his huge body of work. Subscribe to his channel today and learn something new!

G Customs G Customs

G Customs

This is Gustav and he's a maker from Sweden. he works with Woodwork, metalwork and leatherwork and he's also a musician. Come and check out some of his work here. You can also find Gustav at the show.

Jenni. Swiss Jenni. Swiss

Jenni. Swiss

Lukas Jenni - Designer and Maker In his carpentry, the forge, or the locksmiths, various creations are created.Even as a child Jenni was a creative spirit: with his Swiss military knife he fixed radio equipment, carved different animals, disassembled bicycles and changed them into new vehicles.

Ollari's Ollari's


Sebastian is a Hobbyist to a Full-time Maker. Mostly what you see on his channel is the first time for him making it. He also loves Cars, Electronics, 3D Printing, Metal and Woodworking and everything that can be Made! Come and check out this maker.

Ó da Joana Ó da Joana

Ó da Joana

Joana is from Portugal and will be coming to Makers Central. Check out here channel here and come and find Joana at the show.

Make It Soph Make It Soph

Make It Soph

Sophie will bring you randomness and creativity from inside The Bridge (her little creative hub of a workshop). No limits to what's coming next! Sophie is a UK based Model Maker, Artist, Content Creator, Creative Entrepreneur, Independent Designer, Sculptor & BIZnesswoman. Soph will make a range of things from the mini to the mighty and everything in between. Come and meet Make It Soph at Makers Central.



Laurent Jacquet is form France and will be at Makers Central this May. Come and find this Maker at the show.

Artfully Rogue Artfully Rogue

Artfully Rogue

Doug from Artfully Rouge based in Phoenix Arizona. Doug creates custom projects for commercial and residential clients. Hes looking forward to coming to the show so look out for him.

Zebrano Wood Craft Zebrano Wood Craft

Zebrano Wood Craft

Danial is form the UK and makes some really cool rings. Check out his channel below. Danial will be at Makers central this may.

Joe P. Krcma Joe P. Krcma

Joe P. Krcma

Although "KRCMA" means a pub or tavern in Czech, there is nothing hazy or forgetful about Joe's creations. Whether it's 3D printing, robotics, CNC or just a random object, he's sure to entertain and enlighten the crew. He may be brand new to the YouTube world, but don't let those looks fool ya. And if you have some wacky project ideas feel free to let him know! Give his channel a glimpse...

Beakz Buildz Beakz Buildz

Beakz Buildz

Paul's a woodworker and you can check out some of his cool creations on his YouTube channel here. Paul will be at Makers Central on Saturday. Come and find him!

Ben Crowe Ben Crowe

Ben Crowe

Ben Crowe part owner of Crimson Guitars will be at Makers Central. Ben will also be doing a live demo on the Record Power stage. Come and meet Ben and check out more about Crimson below

Oliver Verdier Oliver Verdier

Oliver Verdier

Oliver is a French cabinet maker and handyman and will be attending Makers Central this May. Check out his channel here and come and find Oliver at the show.

The Woodgineer The Woodgineer

The Woodgineer

Chris from The Woodgineer will also be attending Makers Central. Check out his channel here

Luke Makes Luke Makes

Luke Makes

Luke is based in the South West of England and his day job is as a professional metal worker, but at home he loves to put his hands to all crafts from woodworking to electronics to leather-working and anything in-between. Come and see Luke at the show

Brothers Make Brothers Make

Brothers Make

Brothers Make Two brothers - Matt & Jonny, designing and making things on the south coast of the UK. Come and find them at Makers Central

Dave. G Designs Dave. G Designs

Dave. G Designs

Dave is a hobbyist woodworker who simply enjoys making stuff. Check out his channel here and come and find Dave at the show

Crafts With Ellen Crafts With Ellen

Crafts With Ellen

This is Ellen, PhD student by day and sewer/crafter/maker by night. Ellen is continually learning new skills and she hopes her videos help others do the same! Come and meet Ellen at the show.

Heikki Naumanen Heikki Naumanen

Heikki Naumanen

Heikki makes things out of wood, metal, plastics and maybe some other materials also. Mostly he is working at his job site where is a nicely equipped workshop with cnc. Some projects are made at his home workshop or at the cottage. Heikki is nearly 40 years old. He is making some projects with his two girls and wife. This family lives in Finland in the middle of forests and lakes.

Mahon Woodworks Mahon Woodworks

Mahon Woodworks

Mahon Woodworks will be attending the show in 2019. Come and check him out

Graz Makes Graz Makes

Graz Makes

Graz makes stuff and will be heading over to the UK next year for Makers Central 2019. Come and check him out

Make Everything Make Everything

Make Everything

Chris from Make Everything will be heading over to the UK next year to join us all for Makers Central 2019. His YouTube channel offers custom fabrication services, but also classes in woodworking and metalworking for people with all levels of experience. Go check him out

Zac Higgings Zac Higgings

Zac Higgings

Zac couldn't make it this year but we are pleased to announce that he has confirmed for 2019. You have to check out Zac's channel, he makes some really cool blanks and other stuff using Alumilite casting resin.

JP Makes JP Makes

JP Makes

Jay makes all kinds of stuff on his channel and he will be attending next years show. come and check him out

Highland Boxes Highland Boxes

Highland Boxes

Pam is a keen woodworker and she makes really cool bandsaw boxes on her channel. Pam will be attending Makers Central next May 2019. Check Pams channel out here

Andy Morris Andy Morris

Andy Morris

Andy Morris is a member of the world wide group DIY Gas Turbines. he has built homemade jet engines that have set world records and supports others in there builds. He is working on one of the worlds biggest homemade jet engines at the moment, and is getting his jet powered bike ready for a world record attempt. Check out his channel and see all he and his friends have been up to over the last few months

Dirty Shed Creations Dirty Shed Creations

Dirty Shed Creations

Dirty Shed Creations is a DIY channel that documents the creation of extravagant and iconic pieces of furniture made of metal and wood. The most recent being the transformation of an oak tree struck by lightning into a throne. Noisy tools, experimental processes and a sprinkling of idiocy guaranteed.

James Garwood James Garwood

James Garwood

James Garwood has been making furniture for over 17 years now and I've had pieces of furniture in Harrods in London, made dining tables for royalty and had pieces shipped all over the world. His channel is about him making things in his workshop, mostly out of resin and wood but always purely for fun and hopefully we will learn something interesting along the way!

Wood By Wright Wood By Wright

Wood By Wright

James has just confirmed that he will be attending #MC2019 and we all cant wait to see him. Check out his channel here

Handmade Extreme Handmade Extreme

Handmade Extreme

Join Rob as he makes the tools and machines to equip his home metalwork workshop. His videos take viewers on a detailed journey from raw materials to a finished product. He even throws in a few handy tips and tricks along the way. Check out his channel here

Berry Custom Berry Custom

Berry Custom

Creating useful, unusual and beautiful things. Join me in my journey as I learn how to be a content creator and hone my craft skills. Have a few laughs, watch me build, experiment, succeed and occasionally fail in woodworking, blacksmithing, metal craft, engineering and much more!

Malt & Make Malt & Make

Malt & Make

James is a serial skill collector: maker, brewer, doctor. Last year he brewed a beer for the event called Makers CentrALE. Check out his channel for all kinds of making and to find out what he'll be bringing this year!

Make N' Create Make N' Create

Make N' Create

Emil is coming over from Denmark to attend Maker Central. He's a bit of a ''jack of all trades'' who does all sorts of stuff like Knife making, Woodworking, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and all sorts of crafts, while making fun and interesting videos that hopefully inspire others to pick up a craft. Come to meet him and a bunch of other Makers! Check him out on YouTube!

Rocha KRG Rocha KRG

Rocha KRG

Rocha KRG is a young inventor, designer, and maker from Spain who is not afraid to use new materials. In our channel, you can see projects using wood, welding, inventions and replicas from video games or movies. Check out our channel and subscribe.

Borg3D Borg3D


Borg3D is a channel by Kurt Borg from tiny, sunny Malta. He loves to make props, 3D print gadgets, woodworking and anything relating to Making. His projects detail his journey into Making and he hopes to inspire you to just go in your workshop and make stuff... Because everyone's a maker!

Kjellski Kjellski


'I'm trying to upload videos that I might want to watch again later in life. We'll see where this ends up.' Kjellski was a huge help to the Makers Central team in 2018 and will be helping again in 2019. He will be moderating the stage after doing a great job previously.

The Wood barber The Wood barber

The Wood barber

I am a maker of a few things such as woodturning and carpentry with limited space and tools. My channel shows others you don't need expensive tools or a workshop to be creative!

The Beard x16 The Beard x16

The Beard x16

I have always from an early age been a maker making things out of recycled materials way before upcycling and recycling really took off , over the years friends and family have always said that I should start recording my projects so that I can show them off and hopefully inspire someone to try something new, As a full-time carer for my wife I think it is really important to get personal time to myself and filming videos works perfectly for me . Try something new ! you never know you might surprise yourself.

 PF Woodturning  PF Woodturning

PF Woodturning

Hi, welcome to my channel! My name is Peggy! I do woodturning to create various items such as bowls, platters, pens, and vases. I also use coloring and dye techniques to embellish natural wood. Sometimes I use resin in combination with wood.

Caitlin The Cat Caitlin The Cat

Caitlin The Cat

Hi I am Caitlan Davis and this is my channel... I enjoy watching YouTube and wanted to give it a go. I am 13 from Yorkshire, England and enjoy Wood Turning and have been going to Birstall Wood Turners for just over a year.

ESArtifice ESArtifice


Emma & Steve are a husband & wife team who live for making. They both love wood turning but also dabble in pyrography, silk painting, enamelling, glass fusion and much more. They are soon to be entering the world of resin casting – plans are afoot! They will be there for both days of Makers Central 2019. Check out their channel here.

Neil Lovegrove Neil Lovegrove

Neil Lovegrove

Hi! I'm Neil Lovegrove and welcome to my channel. I enjoy making, repairing, and modifying pretty much anything. My channel is a collection of videos I create capturing all the things I do and make.

Errant Crafters Errant Crafters

Errant Crafters

Errant Crafters creates custom designed woodworking and other crafts. Pyrography artwork has become a major focus, but other items are also available.

Manor Customs Manor Customs

Manor Customs

We are 2 Brothers, Stephen and Mark of Manor Customs working out of St Helens in the north-west of the UK. We are highly skilled Sign makers in our day job but undertake custom work of an evening and weekend for our own adventure which is Manor Customs, Join us in our workshop on our creative journey which includes woodworking, metalworking, sign making, plastic fabrication and using CNC routers, laser cutters, Vinyl plotters and Flatbed UV Printing technology to bring our ideas to life. Find us at Makers Central.

Uri Tuchman Uri Tuchman

Uri Tuchman

Uri is a maker from Berlin, he makes the most amazing items with engravings on them. Check out his channel!

SK Krafts SK Krafts

SK Krafts

My name is Stephen Kearvell and I started up my channel a few months ago. I have only been woodturning since Christmas so I wanted to share my learning journey with everyone. My projects include resin, wood and anything I can get my hands on. As well as sharing ideas, I love meeting new people. Check out my channel.

The Practical Engineer The Practical Engineer

The Practical Engineer

I’m Emiel Noorlander, a maker with an engineering background. I love making all sorts of things using techniques from woodworking to welding and from electronics to 3d printing. In my opinion, the best and most fun way to learn to engineer is by doing, building and solving problems on the fly. Check out my channel!

Richard Martin Richard Martin

Richard Martin

I make things using mainly what others may class as rubbish. Pallets, reclaimed wood, car parts, skis, scrap metal, if it can be repurposed then I’ll have a go. Check out my channel!

The Samurai Carpenter The Samurai Carpenter

The Samurai Carpenter

Showing the world that there are still passionate craftsmen around who love what they do and find joy in enriching peoples lives with relationship and art. My videos are for inspiration purposes only and I do not consider myself an expert. Using power tools can be dangerous so be safe and work at your own risk.

Ruboa Arts Ruboa Arts

Ruboa Arts

I’m Dan, a carpenter/joiner by day and maker by night. I love to experiment with all materials such as resins, wood, metal and polymer clay. I’m passionate about developing my skills and knowledge in woodcarving, woodturning, sculpting and making art.

Brett McAfee Brett McAfee

Brett McAfee

This is a channel dedicated to learning and perfecting various crafts. I have always been a maker of things; art, design, videography, motion graphics, wood, leather, steel. I take inspiration from many of the makers out there and hope to develop through this channel. New work every week. Thank you for watching!

Thunkworks Matt Thunkworks Matt

Thunkworks Matt

Welcome to Thunkworks. Thunkworks is my small home workshop where I make, fabricate and create a wide range of projects and sometimes film the process for my youtube channel. My main focus is metal fabrication and I enjoy making scrap metal sculptures and practical welding projects but I don't limit myself to just one discipline and enjoy making with all mediums.

Figments Made Figments Made

Figments Made

Sharon of Figments Made loves making things out of all different types of materials and adds a touch of humour to everything. Making should be fun! Come meet her at Makers Central 2019 but in the meantime, check out her channel!

The Redsmith The Redsmith

The Redsmith

Hello, I'm The Redsmith. I'm a maker. I mainly work with wood, metal and leather. Check out my channel here!

Jake Thompson Jake Thompson

Jake Thompson

Hi I'm Jake and I make all kinds of projects, from shop projects, CNC, resin casting, and all kinds of woodworking. The message I bring to you is that it's never too late to try something new.

Maker | Geek Maker | Geek

Maker | Geek

Dan has a day job in an office, but when the weekend comes he can be found in his workshop making whatever he feels like with all sorts of tools. Woodturning, welding, home renovation, most recently delving into CNC and 3d printing. He hosts a live stream each week called "CAD like nobody's watching" in which he attempts to learn fusion and design projects.

Manor Wood Manor Wood

Manor Wood

Hi, I'm Andy from Manor Wood Designs, my channel is woodworking with a mix of modern furniture design and shop talk, specialing in rare exotic English woods and Epoxy Resin, check out my channel here.

James Bruton James Bruton

James Bruton

Former toy designer, current YouTube maker and general robotics, electrical and mechanical engineer, I’m a fan of doing it yourself and innovation by trial and error. My channel is where I share some of my useful and not-so-useful inventions, designs and maker advice. Iron Man is my go-to cosplay, and 3D printing can solve most issues - broken bolts, missing parts, world hunger, you name it.

Smugwood Smugwood


I’ve been a Youtuber for a couple of years now...and enjoy making stuff just for the sheer fun of it. I use a combination of hand tools, machines and CNC and like to compose and produce my own soundtracks for each video. Check out my channel!

The Small Shed The Small Shed

The Small Shed

The small shed is my recently built maker space. My projects are a range of makes and repairs centred on my recently built shed. Check out my channel!

Derek From Malden Derek From Malden

Derek From Malden

Derek is new to YouTube, join him in his journey through projects on his channel.

Garage Avenger Garage Avenger

Garage Avenger

I'm Justin. A "self-proclaimed" Creative Genius LOL. Actually, I'm far from it. My channel explores the real journey of turning a project idea, into fire, chaos, tears, laughter and eventually something really flipping cool. So come with me on my creative journey making crazy cool stuff in my garage and have a laugh with me along the way.

The Muz Shop The Muz Shop

The Muz Shop

The Muz Shop will be returning to the UK. Maker Central 2019. Mike has a youtube channel that builds and creates lots of different things. He mostly works with wood and sometimes metal. Once in e which he steps out of the shop into the kitchen. He also has fun with his editing, check his channel out.

Jason Andrews Jason Andrews

Jason Andrews

Thanks for coming to my channel. I run a welding and fabrication shop in South Wales UK and when I have downtime I make bits n pieces out of the scrap I have in the bins. My videos focus pretty much on what is in those scrap bins and what I can create from it. sometimes it may be a little piece of art or a makeshift tool needed in my shop. I also review tools and machinery that you may be interested in.

Woodturning by Alan Scannell Woodturning by Alan Scannell

Woodturning by Alan Scannell

I'm a woodturner from Co Kildare Ireland. I've always been a bit creative and fell in love with woodturning a couple of years ago. I'm currently working out of a small shed but hoping to move onto a bigger shop in the near future and be more creative with more materials. Check out my channel!

Pimoroni Pimoroni


Pimoroni is a bunch of Makers and Educators with a workshop in Sheffield, UK. We make friendly electronics, mainly for the Raspberry Pi, and run a beautiful shop for Makers, where we ship the best gear worldwide. Check out our channel here!

Andrew Berry Jewellery Andrew Berry Jewellery

Andrew Berry Jewellery

Andrew Berry, a professional Goldsmith and Bench Jeweller for over 28 years, shares his knowledge to enable you to become a more proficient and profitable jeweller. Check his channel out here!

Mike Waldt Mike Waldt

Mike Waldt

Mike Waldt is an experienced woodturner with a great channel filled with great projects. Mike will be demonstrating on Yorkshire Grit's stand (F24), make sure you don't miss it! Check out his channel here.

Blue Bear Designs Blue Bear Designs

Blue Bear Designs

Hello, I'm Andrew from Blue Bear Designs. I'm an engineer by day but by night I’m a passionate maker designing and building everything from bottle openers to garden tables. Come say hello at Makers Central and check out my channel here!

Be Inspired Be Inspired

Be Inspired

Dominic seeks to inspire, either through success or failure. He failed to attend last year, so he as to make it work this time around, right? If you are looking for inspiration in woodworking and making, with weird projects and the occasional singing, you can go wrong with his channel, but at the very least you will be well entertained. Or so he hopes.

Wood By Alex Wood By Alex

Wood By Alex

My channel is about carpentry I am 19 years old and in my channel, you can see carpentry videos or videos of videogame objects made from wood you can see me making wooden swords that its 2 meters long or a wooden RPG and more...

Chadi Chabib Chadi Chabib

Chadi Chabib

Chadi Chabib is a French Maker and a DIY YouTuber, he shares a lot of great projects, check out his channel here, come and find Chadi at the show.

Barnaby Dixon Barnaby Dixon

Barnaby Dixon

Barnaby is a puppeteer and puppet maker. Starting out as a stop-motion animator, he quickly found that online content required a faster turnaround, so developed his own dynamic hand puppets to speed up the process. Dixon's unique designs feature in music videos, narrative pieces and demonstrations

Woodworking UK Woodworking UK

Woodworking UK

We are a UK based woodworking Facebook group with over 22,000 members of all abilities from absolute beginners to 60 years experienced professionals. We are a friendly and helpful bunch of like-minded people who share a passion for woodworking. Our YouTube channel hosts many videos from workshop tours, tips and tricks, build videos, interviews and much more. Anyone can contribute to our channel via one of the site admin.

April Wilkerson April Wilkerson

April Wilkerson

I am an obsessed DIYer and Woodworker. I'm not professional or have any training, so I just pick the project I want to tackle and figure it out step by step. I picked up my first tool in January of 2013. I couldn't afford to buy the things I wanted around my home, so I decided to try my hand at making them instead. I was hooked after my first project so I just never stopped.

Johnathon Whittaker Johnathon Whittaker

Johnathon Whittaker

Johnathon Whittaker is a civil engineer and commercial diver by trade. He began woodworking 12 years ago after the birth of his two children. His woodworking hobby soon became a career as his passion for working with wood expanded into power carving and sculpture. Johnathon is completely self-taught and his work can be viewed in several Art galleries in the Southwest of England. Check out his channel here!

The Maker Monster The Maker Monster

The Maker Monster

Just a monster making things. Only the most useful things, such as a lamp made out of bread, an instrument made out of a screaming chicken toy, a money-shredding resolution keeper, you know, the real necessities. Check out my channel here!

 Ivan Miranda  Ivan Miranda

Ivan Miranda

I make a project every week about what makes me tick. I'm into digital fabrication, 3D printing, electronics, woodworking, instrument making, metalworking, sports, and anything geeky in general. I'll try to give as much info as possible about my projects so anyone can try an replicate. Hope you like my projects, don't forget to subscribe to be updated about my new contraptions!

Dubious Engineering Dubious Engineering

Dubious Engineering

Dubious Engineering is a Channel focused on building and making electronic and electromechanical projects. Soldering, Welding, 3D Printing, Arduino's, Raspberry Pis, you name it, we play with it. We try to add humour and ensure our content is a learning experience! We also tour the country and interview makers at different shows getting into the detail and the fun of engineering. There are many projects, large and small to enjoy, perhaps one will inspire YOU to make something if you haven't already!

Franks Shed Franks Shed

Franks Shed

Hello, my name is Frank and I love to share my passion for woodworking with lots of people. I really enjoy working on extraordinary and creative projects in my little DIY workshop. If you want to see my work, then check out my YouTube channel, I'm looking forward to seeing you there.

Wonky Workshop Wonky Workshop

Wonky Workshop

I am primarily a woodworking channel with a focus on wood turning. But I have dabbled with Ceramics and Luthiery. I have also just started 'Wonky Bites' a series of videos under two minutes long. These share workshop knowledge and handy hints. Find me on YouTube "Wonky Workshop" and Instagram @wonkyworkshop

Modern Builds Modern Builds

Modern Builds

Modern Builds is a collection of do-able DIY projects that anyone can complete with just a little time and creativity. Check out his channel here.

The BC Woodworks The BC Woodworks

The BC Woodworks

Brian Cockerill is a maker of many things in wood, metal and synthetic materials. Specialising in tools for fine woodworking, luthiers and tool fanatics/collectors. Practicing traditional and modern methods and techniques from lathe work to Blacksmithing. Every day is a school day and Brian likes to learn new tricks and methods as much as possible and at the same time share the knowledge. Travelling across the country making appearances at woodturning clubs for demonstrations.

TheNewKitchen.Co TheNewKitchen.Co


Stephen is just a regular chippie earning his living making expensive piles of sawdust in and around his home town of Ipswich in Suffolk. Although he is usually found in his workshop making lovely things or on-site installing them he has spent the beginning of 2019 dealing with Prostate Cancer. Stephen will be back up to speed in time for Makers central 2019 but with the new mission of improving awareness of prostate cancer among the men, he works with. Check out his YouTube channel to learn more about his normal life.

Hand Tool Rescue Hand Tool Rescue

Hand Tool Rescue

Coming all the way from Canada, I rescue tools and put them back in the hands of people who can appreciate them. I will restore a tool for free if it is interesting enough for a video. Check out my channel!



Peter Brown Peter Brown

Peter Brown

Izzy Swan Izzy Swan

Izzy Swan

Heath Knuckles Heath Knuckles

Heath Knuckles

Crafted Workshop Crafted Workshop

Crafted Workshop

Johnny Brooke is coming all the way from the United States for Makers Central. His channel features weekly how-to project videos about woodworking, metalworking, and more. Check his channel out here.


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