Do we have some Makers for You!!

Makers Central have been working hard gathering Makers from all over the world to come to this show. We have makers coming from the USA, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Australia, Portugal, China and of course the UK. Some of these makers will be performing live just for you!  Check out the list below for the full line up.

But keep checking back as more makers get added every day!!

NZ Woodturning NZ Woodturning

NZ Woodturning

Nick is the host and CEO of Makers Central, his love for making led him to want to put on a show like no one has seen before. As an artist and woodturner he just loves to create unique things. He mainly creates items out of wood but recently started using resin in his projects. Nick finds woodturning extremely therapeutic and creating something out of nothing is very satisfying. He has no idea how most of his creations are going to turn out and that's what he loves about turning. Check out Nicks channel for some funky cool projects.

Jimmy Diresta Jimmy Diresta

Jimmy Diresta

Jimmy makes stuff for a living. He has over 1million subscribers to his channel. Jimmy has been using tools for over 40 years and has developed his comfort level with tools through years of experience. Jimmy does a mixture of Vlogging and Making on his channel, check him out, they call him Mr New York!

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