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Dickies is the world’s leading performance workwear brand.

We understand that making and shaping the world demands dedication from every man and woman who take on the challenge. Achieving your ambitions isn’t easy and no one ever said it should be. That’s why we take such pride in crafting workwear that won’t let you down – whatever obstacles get in your way. Over the past century our clothing, with its iconic Dickies logo, has set the standard for safety and comfort.

At Triton we’ve been creating specialist woodworking tools for over 43 years, and we know that the greatness of every project – joinery, carpentry, craft or trade – lies in the details.

Developed in the UK for woodworkers everywhere, Triton's comprehensive range of tools consists of award-winning routers, planers, sanders, work supports such as the iconic SuperJaws, and portable modular workstations like the TWX7 Workcentre.

With more than 45 years of experience in the woodworking industry, Axminster Tools & Machinery has established a reputation for excellence in customer service and friendly expert advice.

As a company, Axminster shares its customers’ passion for great craftsmanship and a job well done. Product selection and development is a task the company takes very seriously. As well as manufacturing many tools in house, Axminster also works closely with a carefully selected group of manufacturers from around the world.  

At Axminster’s retail outlets across the UK, live workshops and demonstrations regularly take place, giving customers the chance to get hands-on and try before they buy. And, with over 14,000 product lines on the Axminster website, whether you’re a craft or trade user, a woodworker, woodturner or carver, the company offers a wide range of tools and machines for you to choose from.

To find out more visit axminstertools.com or call 03332 406 406


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Dremel is and always will be dedicated to creating and manufacturing high speed rotary tools of the highest quality. It is this promise that we have carried to you over the last 79 years and a promise we will uphold for the next 79 years.

It all started in 1932 with introduction of the first multitool by the founder of the company AJ Dremel. After that many new innovations have entered the market throughout Europe.


Independently owned, Shadow Foam® Ltd, which was incorporated in 2012, is headed up by a small team of professionals. Their experience has been drawn from Engineering functions within various industries, from consumer goods manufacture and heavy processes, to pharmaceutical and aviation.

Shadow Foam Ltd is based in the UK where our product is manufactured from start to finish.


Most people want to fix what's broken; they just lack the resources to do so. iFixit's specialized tools and free, step-by-step repair manuals minimize the barrier to repair — even for beginners. E-waste is one of the fastest-growing components in the global waste stream.

Americans alone throw away over 300 million electronics every year. iFixit writes and hosts
repair manuals for everything from computers to cars, so people around the world have the instructions they need to fix what they own, instead of throwing things away.



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