Check out the attractions and activities we already have lined up for Makers Central 2022 below. 


Robots Live at Makers Central 2021
Robots Live at Makers Central 2021

Do not miss the chance to meet the stars of TV’s Robot Wars including the champion ‘Apollo’ as they battle it out in an impressive live action arena!

Robots Live will be presenting 3 action packed shows, each day. These guys really know how to put on an awesome spectacle! In between shows, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the robots and their makers up close. Grab your tickets now!

Check out Robots Live's website for more information:


Podpad Studios will be exhibiting their Fly.VR, inspired by the futuristic flying cars in films like Blade Runner, Star Wars and Fifth Element.

This scratch built interactive Electric vehicle has a VR experience like no other. Can you imagine being a law-enforcer, flying through the rain soaked streets of a future city, seated in a real vehicle, flying past giant projected advertising signs, ducking and diving with other cars? You don’t have to! Come and see the Fly.VR for real... Get a photo and meet its creators.

The Creator Van

The creator van is a new business that has been set up by Steve Twydell. It's a touring caravan that has been converted into a fully customized mobile maker space.

The Creator Van will be used to bring around the Island of Ireland and inspire people of all ages to tune into their creative side. In it they can take part in many custom workshops of all aspects of arts, crafts and hobbies.

Find out more about The Creator Van here:

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