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Peter Brown Shop Time

Peter Brown will be live on stage making something just for you. Peter has a fascinating mind and makes so many cool exciting things on his channel. If you’re not subscribed we recommend you head on over to his channel and check him out. No doubt Peter will have something super cool for you to watch. Don’t miss this show.

Check Peter’s channel for more amazing videos.



Chris Fisher. The Blind WoodTurner

Prepare to be mesmerised as Chris Fisher the Blind Woodturner will be demonstrating for you live at the show. Sadly Chris lost his sight in 2008 as the result of Toxoplasmosis and is now completely blind. Chris was so determined not to let this effect his life, he took up woodturning and has his own YouTube Channel.  Come and watch this amazing talented man perform for you.

We also recommend checking out his channel.


April Wilkerson, Laura Kampf & Matt Cremona Talk

Come and meet Laura, April & Matt for an exclusive talk around making


Q&A With Evan, Katelyn & Sean Evelegh

Evan & Katelyn have traveled all the way from Texas to be at Makers Cental. The husband and wife duo just love to make stuff and are so enthusiastic, they are just so much fun to watch. Come and meet Evan & Katelyn and dont forget to check out their Youtube Channel below.

Sean is a 17 year old maker from the UK and has been making for several years now.  His work is outstanding and incredible to watch. Come and meet Sean and pick his brains on how and why he loves making stuff.  In the meantime check out Sean’s YouTube channel for some of his work.


Ben Uyada from Homemade Modern

Ben is the owner of, which is an online design source that shares design ideas that hope to inspire people to make more of the things they own.

Ben will be giving a 30 minute talk at Makers Central, so come and pick this young entrepreneurs brains and find out what makes him tick. Check out Homemade Modern below.


James Bruton & Bob Clagett

Come and join Bob & James for a discussion on 3D Printing, Electronics, Props and much more. Bob from iliketomakestuff and James from XRobots  both Youtube makers are successful entrepreneurs with a wealth of knowledge and experience in all sectors.  Come and pick their brains and join in on the discussions.



Spoon Carving by Lee Stoffer

Makers Central invite you to come and watch this fascinating and relaxing talent by Lee Stoffer from Covert Craft. Lee has developed the skill to carve spoons & bowls using good quality edge tools. This truly is a fantastic talent and will be an amazing experience to watch.


Check out Lee’s website here for more info





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