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Alec Steele - Blacksmith and Youtuber

See on the Main Stage

Alec is a BlackSmith & Youtuber, based here in the UK. Alec has been entertaining people on his channel since 2011 and now has nearly 800 thousand followers. Alec will doing a live Q&A just for you here at Makers Central. Dont miss it!


Peter Brown Shop Time

See on the Main Stage

Peter Brown will be live on stage making something just for you. Peter has a fascinating mind and makes so many cool exciting things on his channel. If you’re not subscribed we recommend you head on over to his channel and check him out. No doubt Peter will have something super cool for you to watch. Don’t miss this show.

Check Peter’s channel for more amazing videos.



Getting Started in Woodturning With Record Power

See on the Record Power Stand

Getting Started in Woodturning with Stuart Pickering of Record Power

Stuart is an expert woodturner and has been a familiar face at Record Power shows for decades, travelling the world to perform woodturning demonstrations and share his invaluable experience and skills. In this demonstration Stuart will shed light on the basic essential skills of woodturning and discuss exactly what is needed to get started in this fascinating and addictive craft! 


April Wilkerson, Laura Kampf & Matt Cremona Talk

See on the Main Stage

Come and meet Laura, April & Matt for an exclusive talk around making

Matt's Channel

Laura's Channel 

April's Channel 


Jim Overton from Jimson’s Stuff Live Milliput Demo

See on the Record Power Stand

Jim is the Milliput king, his work is just outstanding and his milliput inlays are mesmerising.  Jim will walk you through a complete Milliput demo including turning the bowl and finishing.  Don’t miss this show. Jim gets asked lots of questions regarding Milliput and this will be a fantastic demo to watch.

Don’t forget to check out Jims channel.


Chris Fisher. The Blind WoodTurner

See on the Main Stage

Prepare to be mesmerised as Chris Fisher the Blind Woodturner will be demonstrating for you live at the show. Sadly Chris lost his sight in 2008 as the result of Toxoplasmosis and is now completely blind. Chris was so determined not to let this effect his life, he took up woodturning and has his own YouTube Channel.  Come and watch this amazing talented man perform for you.

We also recommend checking out his channel.


Yuval Lehav

See on the Record Power Stand

Yuval is a woodturning Artist and create some spectacular pieces. Yuval will be doing a woodturning demonstration for you live on the Record Power stage, only here at Makers Central. Don't miss this guy!


Ashley Harwood (Woodturner, Artisafrom Charleston, South Carolina)

See on the Main Stage

Ashley Harwood currently lives in Charleston, SC, where she creates her work and teaches at her personal studio. She has demonstrated and taught woodturning in a number of professional venues throughout the US and abroad, visiting seven other countries and travelling as far as Australia. She has been featured in various publications including the American Association of Woodturning’s Journal, Woodturning magazine, Popular Woodworking magazine, and Charleston magazine. Her teaching focuses on fine spindle turning and the Push Cut method of bowl turning along with the 40/40 grind on a bowl gouge, with a strong emphasis on tool control. She received a BFA from Carnegie Mellon with a focus in sculpture and installation art, and her design aesthetic is heavily influenced by her background in glassblowing.  Come and watch Ashley live on stage at Makers Central.


Find out more about Ashley by visiting her website:,  on Instagram @ashleygharwood , or on facebook



Scott Grove from ImagineGrove

See on the Main Stage

Scott Grove has been a professional artist and woodworker for over 45 years. He has run a successful art furniture business and architectural fiberglass reproduction company, managing up 27 employees, and has exhibited in the top craft and furniture shows across the US. His work can be found in prominent museum, gallery and private collections across the county and has received awards from such notable venues as American Craft Council, Memorial Art Gallery, Art Olympia (Japan), Warton Esherick Museum, and Paris: Salle Olympe de Gouges.

He selectively teaches, most notably at The Marc Adams School of Woodworking and The Chippendale School of Furniture in Scotland where he leads the veneer segment. He lectures and judges, and is known for thought-provoking presentations such as his TEDx talk, Technology and the Human Hand, Are We Losing Touch?  and this year’s presentation, When Does Information Become Knowledge? to be given at the IWF (International Woodworking Fair) in Atlanta, GA.

He has authored three books, Advanced Veneering and Alternative Techniques, Curved Hardwood Edging and Inlay for Curved Tables and the soon-to-be-released,  Show and Sell: A  Guide to Exhibiting Your Work at Craft Shows.




Anne Of All Trades

See on the Record Power Stand

Come and watch Anne of all trades do a woodturning demo just for you. Anne will be live on the Record Power stage, so don’t miss it.


James Bruton & Bob Clagett

See on the Main Stage

Come and join Bob & James for a discussion on 3D Printing, Electronics, Props and much more. Bob from iliketomakestuff and James from XRobots  both Youtube makers are successful entrepreneurs with a wealth of knowledge and experience in all sectors.  Come and pick their brains and join in on the discussions.

Bob Clagett (iliketomakestuff)

James Bruton (XRobots) 


Bandsaw Masterclass with Craig Heffren of Record Power

See on the Record Power Stand

Craig is Record Power’s resident bandsaw expert and well known international demonstrator. His industry-leading Bandsaw Masterclass is approaching legendary status on the worldwide show circuit and there’s nobody better qualified to show you how to get the most from this incredibly versatile machine.


Q&A With Evan, Katelyn & Sean Evelegh

See on the Main Stage

Evan & Katelyn have traveled all the way from Texas to be at Makers Cental. The husband and wife duo just love to make stuff and are so enthusiastic, they are just so much fun to watch. Come and meet Evan & Katelyn and dont forget to check out their Youtube Channel below.

Sean is a 17 year old maker from the UK and has been making for several years now.  His work is outstanding and incredible to watch. Come and meet Sean and pick his brains on how and why he loves making stuff.  In the meantime check out Sean’s YouTube channel for some of his work.

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